Oil Painting of Jude Niosi

My art is a reflection of my emotions and the beauty I find in the world around me. It's a journey inward, a canvas for my feelings, and a mirror to the beauty that often hides in plain sight. Whether it's the vibrant hues of a sunset or the depth of a profound emotion, I pour my heart onto the canvas, allowing my brushes and colors to convey the essence of my inner world.

I pull from different methods, styles, and media to suit my mood. I borrow from the impressionist period and am experimenting with more expressive techniques to explore my strengths and grow myself as a professional artist.

I tend to use mixed media when I am feeling super creative. I feel mixed media gives me permission to let go of my intermittent need for control where I’ll paint whatever idea pops into my head next. In contrast, other times I need to be controlled in my paintings. Here, I turn to oils for their flexibility to paint abstract realism pieces where every stroke is carefully placed. I also use oils to suit my every mood.

Painting is more than a hobby; it's my sanctuary, my happy place where time loses meaning, and the world fades into the background. Each stroke is a release, each color a whisper of my soul, and each artwork a piece of my heart that I share with the world.

I invite you to a glimpse of my voyage in rediscovery and celebration of life's beauty. I hope to touch your heart, evoke your emotions, and show you the bits of joy I immortalized with a piece of art.